Saturday, November 01, 2008

Worst dressed

Last night saw one of my poorest efforts at a halloween costume. In the last few years I've put in the token effort of being a zombie/person who's been brutally attacked/someone with a case of mild radiation poisoning - this generally involved ripping up old clothes and adding fake blood and bruises. However this year, the halloween party I was going to involved a more specific theme than just your regular halloweenyness - it was a distopian future, sci-fi, cyber-noir party. Thinking up a costume required a bit more effort and couldn't really just involve ripping up some clothes. In the end I turned up to the party in what I'd been wearing for the rest of the day (see I said it was a poor, indeed non-existant, effort), but I did have some make-up. My one idea from earlier in the week had been to go as HAL 9000 (the computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey), so with my make up kit I went about trying to transform myself. I added a large red HAL-style eye to my forehead. I leave it to others to assess the effectiveness of this make-up and whether I convinced them that I was a psychotic computer, or whether I just looked like I had a very large spot on my face.