Sunday, November 30, 2008

As cold as ice

Today, despite the temperature never getting above freezing, we went out on a kayak trip to the river Teith. This was a pretty tame river with no real large rapids, but given the temperature that was fine with me as it lessened the chance of me capsizing and going into the water. Getting changed into our kayaking kit and onto the river required a fair bit of will power, but we managed it. Paddling kept most of me nice and warm, but my hands were bloody freezing. All of us had ice forming on our helmets and paddles. My hands managed to get some warmth and blood back into them after about 15 minutes of paddling. We paddled for about an hour until the get out. It was a real relief to get out and warm up, but overall I had quite a fun paddle - it is nicer when it's a bit warmer though.

[PS - I apologise for the dullness of this post]

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