Monday, November 03, 2008

Headless hornets

Shock news just in! Watford manager Aidy Boothroyd has left the club after three and a half year in charge (they say by mutual consent, but I expect there was a bit of pushing from the board). He's done very well for us in his time, taking us to the Premiership two seasons ago and leading us to a couple of decent cup runs, but recent form has been his downfall. Last season we were doing very well for the first half, leading the table for a while, but fell away completely at the end to only just finish in the last play-off spot. This season we've been managing to score quite a few goals, but unfortunately we've been conceding even more leaving us sitting in 21st position just above the relegation spot (although the mid-table is still pretty tightly packed, so it's not a disastrous place to be). It is, however, quite telling that we've only won 12 out of 48 league matches since last November! There's probably not much more that Aidy could do for the club, so now might well be the right time for him to move on. A new manager could give the team a bit more impetus like Tottenham over the last week (although there's an equal probability that it could fail miserably). But Aidy deserves a lot of praise for what he's done for us, so he will be missed. [It should be noted that my views may not reflect the beliefs of proper Watford supporters who follow the club more avidly than my weekly check of their results on the internet.]

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