Friday, November 07, 2008

Bye by-election

Following all the US election excitement of earlier in the week I thought I'd live blog the Glenrothes by-election result as it comes in - can you just feel the tension and excitement of such a historic world event! Then I thought "Nah, don't be stupid". However the current state of play looks like Labour have held the seat after earlier predictions of an SNP win. It looks like Gordon's back on the up.

[Update: I said I wouldn't live blog but I'm still up and the result is in: Labour have won with a total of 19946 votes, beating the SNP by over 6000 votes. Turnout was 52% which is down by 4% from the last general election (so the excitement over the US elections hasn't really turned around voter apathy over here then.) It was a very poor show for the Conservative and Lib Dem with only 1381 and 947 votes respectively - that really is impressively bad going, although I don't really know if either party's been campaigning very hard for this one.]


  1. Yes, both Conservative and the Lib Dems lost their deposits - you wouldn't have thought that they would be throwing money away like that! Unless, perhaps, it's money that they shouldn't have had in the first place... I for one was pleased to see Labour give Alex Salmond something else to moan about; to me, he's like a Scottish version of George Galloway: a persuasive political speaker but a complete ARSE!!!!

  2. A Scottish version of George Galloway!? Where is it you're thinking George Galloway's from? He's certainly not a native of Bethnal Green ;)

  3. Scottish? I thought that being such a good buddy of Saddam Hussein he was, errrr, American or some such ... No, wait a minute, that's wrong too...
    Good point well made; I meant Scottish parliament version. That'll be 'clarity of expression' and 'attention to detail' off the CV then! :-)