Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wonder drug

Now I know aspirin has many thing going for it, but I don't know about the claim in today's Daily Express headline "Aspirin cuts risk of death by 25%" (I should just clarify that I'm not an Express reader, but just saw the headline on a newspaper when I was buying my lunch.) I can only assume that the rest of the story's a little more down-to-earth with its claims, but I didn't deem it worth reading since the headline was so patently absurd. Then again I'm sick and tired of these 100% death rates we seem to be prepared to live with! Doctors should be doing more to reduce that tragic figure and if aspirin can help 25% less people from dying then more research should be done to improve it's immortality rating. And any dangerous drug testing should be done on peadophiles and asylum seekers!

Sorry, I think I just got taken over by the spirit of an Express reader. The story is given a slightly more sober treatment by BBC news here.