Monday, March 12, 2007

Telephone exchange

At the weekend I finally did something I've been meaning to do for sometime. It really needed doing as it had been causing me immense amounts of frustration and occasional bouts of rage. I got rid of my Sony Ericsson piece of crap - with its shitty, unresponsive, or sometimes just plain random, joystick. I've traded it in for a much sleeker phone - the Nokia 6300. This phone is rather nice with attractive metal looks and an ultra thin (without being too small) body. It's got a very decent screen and all the main features you expect from a modern phone i.e. digital camera, radio, music player, etc. I have noticed, however, how similar everything on it is to the general Sony Ericsson layout. I assume that Nokia decided that the easiest thing to do was copy all the features that the Ericsson had, but remove a lot of the annoyances - maybe they were trying to tempt back people who'd previously moved over from Nokia (which used to be the dominant phone a few years back) to an Ericsson. I know this has made the switch easier for me.

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