Friday, March 23, 2007


Yesterday/today/last night/this morning/whenever(!) I flew back from the US after my whirlwind tour of two different meetings. As ever it was lovely seeing Britain hove into view from the plane window, causing me to sing myself a slightly altered version of Gerry and the Pacemaker's Ferry cross the Mersey, substituting "Ferry" for "plane" and "Mersey" for "Atlantic" obviously. An amazing thing happened on this flight. I actually managed to get some sleep! It wasn't the longest of snoozes, for sure, but it was probably a good two or so hours of fairly uninterrupted kip. How did I achieve this when previous attempts at airborne sonambulence have failed? Well I'm not quite sure, as I've been just as sleepy on previous flights, but it mainly involved contorting myself into every possible position that can be achieved in an airline window seat until I settled into the closest thing to comfort that the location would allow, and covering my head in a blanket - much like you might cover a bird cage with a blanket to get a bird to sleep.

Good as it was to get some sleep on the plane, I still had to have a few hours nap when I got home.

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