Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Introducing the band

It's been a long while coming, but our band has finally got round to organising a gig. Now I've not said much about the band recently, in fact I don't think I've even told anyone our name (those that aren't in the know already that is), but as we approach the gig I'll probably write more.

So what are we called? Well in fact we are two bands, the second formed due to the very much lamented loss of our bassist, scri-minus, to the land of Brum. The original band (including scri-minus, but after our first line-up change with the loss of the Mole) kind of settled on the name Look up for danger for reasons too obscure to bother to mention for those who don't already know. This amazing four piece sailed the seas of rock for many months, but without ever recording our unique sound, or airing it to the general public (i.e. our mates). The second, three piece, band, is currently, somewhat unaptly named Corpse Full of Bees. We are dark!

When and where is this gig then? Well, we thought we'd start off somewhere smallish, and not try to play the Glasgow SECC just yet, so we're playing in the slightly more intimate venue of upstairs at the Research Club. The date is Friday 11th May, so put that in your diaries all you music fans. The gig will be Corpse Full of Bees featuring Look up for danger (due to the triumphant return of scri-minus for one-night-only), and possible support acts from... well we've not quite thought of that yet.

Right, so now I just have to go and actually get good at playing the drums...

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