Thursday, November 11, 2004

Triumphant return sans baggage

Hi all. Sorry for the long wait between postings again. I've been jaunting around Boston for the last few days after the meeting I was at and didn't once connect to the internet. That's three whole days without checking my email once, how amazing is that?

The last time you heard from me I was going to give a talk at sais meeting presenting some wonderous (well not that wonderous results). The talk was all ready, the results were presented in a lovely table format, and then the day before giving the talk I find out nearly all the results were WRONG! Needless to say this made my talk far less exciting as the actual interesting bit (i.e. the funky number bits) had to be removed. Oh well, I still got to say something and may get the chance to present actual, not wrong, results in France in December.

I'll just say a bit about what I did whilst touring Boston. Firstly it's a really pretty city to visit in the Autumn. All the leaves on the trees are in hues of red and gold and it just looks really rather nice, I might add a link to some pictures soon. It's also bloody cold. The temperature was hovering around the 3-4C mark, although I only found this out after using the converter on my phone to get from Farenheit to Celcius. Wrapping up warm was a high priority.

I took the "famous" Boston Duck tour, in which you get driving around the sites of Boston in an old WWII amphibious landing vehicle by a guy with a plastic duckbill around his head. The guy was actually rather good despite the strange head gear and his penchant for quacking all the time. I got to learn a bit more US history than my generally fairly low pre-tour level.

I also went up the second tallest building in Boston - the Prudential Tower. It has impressive views - of the tallest building in Boston. No, really the views were very good and provided a good vantage point to get your bearings.

I visited Harvard University to have a look around. When you go there and see the student accomodation you realise just how bloody rich the university is. All the halls are really nice buildings and are situated in the lovely surroundings of Cambridge. Whilst there we must have looked like Harvard student as we got invited to a Toga party. I don't know what it is about wrapping a sheet around you to go to a party but American student seem to think this is the greatest thing in the world.

Anyway enough of my touristy ramblings. I might say a bit more about Boston later, but know I need to get home to see if my bags which got left in Heathrow whilst I came up to Glasgow have been delivered yet.


  1. The astrononmy picture of the day link in the links bar still doesn't work. Scientists!

  2. It seems to work for me! It must be your browser which is refusing to look at the lovely pictures of our universe - todays being the Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy.

  3. Wierdly the link you put in your post does work, so don't worry I have not missed out on such wonders as a sky so red the shepherds are still partying...