Thursday, November 25, 2004

Revolving doors: energy saving neccesity or impediment to easy access?

Is it me or are more revolving doors springing up around the place? I admit this judgement is based only on a the fact that revolving doors have just been installed at my local cinema, but when I was in Boston I also encountered revolving doors at every entrance. I assume that the point of such things is to keep heat inside and therefore save energy, but they're just a bloody nusance to use. I remember as a child revolving doors were a wonderous thing. They were far better than your common door which you'd push and it would swing open. They provided that bit of extra excitement to the generally mundane operation. But really, in practical terms of what a door is supposed to do i.e. allow easy access to somewhere, then they are almost the worst way of doing it. It's taking something that does it's job perfectly well and then thinking of how you make make it several times less efficient and harder to use. I for one am against this proliferation (if indeed it is happening and isn't just a figment of my imagination forged by my inconvenience on visiting the cinema last night) and hope you are to.

As I was at the cinema last night I might as well say what I watched - I went to see Bad Santa. Well in fact I went to see the Incredibles, but that wasn't out yet despite my flatmate going to a preview on Saturday. I hadn't read anything about Bad Santa, but the title didn't fill me with confidence about it being a great film although my flatmate had said it was actually quite good. I was pleasantly suprised to find that it was good and pretty funny as well - you haven't seen comedy until you've seen a midget punched in the bollocks and topple over like a skittle. I should get to the see the Incredibles next week.

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