Friday, November 05, 2004

Reaction from Boston

As I'm in the US at the moment I thought I'd briefly have to say something about the election result. I've not really been able to poll any Bostonians about there views, but the reaction of my fellow scientists at the meeting I'm at has almost unanimously been dismay at Bush winning. At Heathrow airport when I was heading out here they had a TV with BBC News24 showing that Kerry had conceded which seemed to make the majority of Americans around me quite dispondent and apologetic. I heard a story from someone on another flight over here that when the pilot announced the news one person at the back of the plane started clapping - now that's some celebration.

Despite all the doom-mongering that has been talked about the world exploding if Bush was re-elected I've yet to notice a change. Maybe it'll happen tomorrow. He so far seems to have taken the quite horrific action of getting a new Scottish Terrier.

You'll be pleased to know that I got my presentation written yesterday and it's very good to. I'm presenting new upper-limits on the gravitational wave amplitude from 58 pulsars if that makes any sense to you. Let's just say that they're completely new and unique results which are really exciting! I now just have to give it the talk, which'll happen on Sunday.

Yesterday I was working till nearly 9.00 pm and tonight I'm going to be discussing work, albeit over dinner, all evening. Then the weekend will be taken up with meetings, so it's going to be a long weekend. Wish me luck.

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