Tuesday, November 16, 2004

So very, very tired

After the high life of jetting to different continents I've now come down to earth by flying to Cardiff. I am here to for three days of grueling hard labour in the search form neutron star quasi-normal modes with Prof. Bangalore "Sathya" Sathyaprakash. The problem being I'm severely knackered. It was my girlfriends birthday yesterday, which envolved a party on Saturday (no sleep there), tidying up and feeling shit on Sunday (very little sleep that night as I was far too hot) and going out drinking last night (again very little sleep) followed by having to be up extra early this morning to fly here. All-in-all I'm not in top shape. Tonight will involve as much sleep as I can manage to squeeze out of the night, unless someone invites me out for a pint that is.

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