Monday, April 05, 2010

New spring collection

Over the long Easter weekend I've managed to chalk up doing a few new things (although I'm currently sitting at work, and was also in the office last Friday, so today probably won't involve anything novel).

On Friday night, after almost two years of planning (yes, really, Hazel and me have been discussing going clubbing for that long without actually ever getting round to going out), a few of us went out clubbing. Our impetus was due my friend Hazel having successfully passed her viva the day before and that fact that she'll be moving to San Francisco in a couple of weeks - if we were going to go to a club it was basically now or never. Going out to a club wasn't the new thing, but we did go to a place, the Sub Club, that I'd not been to before in all my 8 years in Glasgow. It wasn't a particularly happening club night and the place was quite quiet, but it was good to get out, have a dance and see somewhere new.

The next day my girlfriend and I both went out and bought bikes. I've not owned my own bike since I got a Red Raleigh Racer (from Halfords obviously!) for my birthday when I was about 8 (therefore it's a tad small for me now), so getting myself one was very exciting. In the intervening time since my RRR, whenever I've cycled I've had to borrow either a parent or siblings bike. This is the bike I got - "...the only true hybrid bike on the market, our Crosstrail™ owns the title of "singletrack-capable commuter bike." For riders who want one bike for all terrain, with the versatility to handle road, mountain and everything in between". I also had to buy all the accessories that go along with bike ownership - helmet, lights, lock, gloves, bike clips. I say we bought bikes, but really we don't actually own or have them yet. We've gone though the Cycle to Work which get us the bikes and equipment tax free, although frustratingly means we have to wait a while until the whole thing gets processed - hopefully this won't take too long.

The final new thing I did was again kind of club related. On Thursday we spotted a poster for the Hinterland Festival - a multi-venue music festival happening in Glasgow on Saturday. We decided to give it a go. Most of the festival was taking place in the Arches, which is another Glasgow venue I'd never been in before, so I was interested to see what it was like. There were bands playing from 6pm, but we were running a bit late and were mainly only interested in seeing the two main bands, British Sea Power and The Mystery Jets, who didn't start until 8.30pm. I was a fun night and I was impressed by the venue. Both bands took a bit of time to really get going in their sets, but picked up a lot towards the end and were a lot of fun - British Sea Power even had a monster turn up to dance. I knew quite a lot of the British Sea Power songs as I have one of their albums, but I'd assumed I must heard more songs by The Mystery Jets when in fact only knew one of them. There were several DJ sets happening after the bands played, which would have been fun to go to, but old age and the effects of several night of my heavy drinking got to us and we had to leave.

I should try and do some new things more often - many of them in the future will probably now involve bike rides to places.

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