Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I taken an executive decision to cancel my trip to Germany. My initial flight, which was scheduled for 11:45 today flying from Heathrow to Amsterdam, was obviously cancelled and the KLM website was having issues when I attempted to re-book another later flight. So I decided the best option was to cut my losses and not travel at all. My trip's not essential, so I think it's best to leave any seats on flights that do make it to people who are in more desperate need than me (see it's a selfless act that I'm doing), which leaves me in the horrible position of having to have a few days of unexpected holiday! Even if I had been able to fly out to Germany I don't think there would have been any guarantee of being able to return on Friday evening, and spending time stuck in a foreign airport is not high on my priorities, so my decision is highly sensible.

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