Monday, April 05, 2010

NAM2010 - the countdown

As I briefly mentioned last year we're hosting the National Astronomy Meeting in Glasgow this year. It's now only a week away, so the coming 7 days may be a bit frenetic getting the final things organised. It's looking like it should be a great meeting though.

I've been charged (along with Iain) with organising Posters, Visuals and Banners (you can see a slightly altered version of some of my handy-work here), which has had its moments, but generally hasn't been too arduous a task. One thing I need to do though is produce the research poster that I'm presenting - better get on to that now really.

You can follow the NAM2010 meeting on twitter at @nam2010. I'll probably tweet and maybe post a few (astronomy-based!) blog entries during the week if I'm not too busy.

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