Wednesday, July 04, 2007

To the far side of the Earth

In not many hours time I'm going to be heading to Australia. It really is quite a bizarre concept that you can get on a plane and a day later be on the other side of the globe. This may sound rather old fashioned considering the ability to do these things has been around since well before I was born, but I'm still pretty impressed. That said the prospect of long-haul flying doesn't fill me with much enthusiasm. As I've noted before I'm very bad at sleeping on flights, so I'm just having to hope I can keep myself entertained for long enough - I'll have my iPod fully charged, a couple of books (one of which weighs in at a hefty 900 pages), a large set of crossword and Sudoko's, and even some scientific papers. I seem to remember having an ok time the last time I took such a long flight, but that was when I was four years old, was more excited by flying and had more ability to sleep through anything.

One thing that I won't be taking on this trip is my laptop. I'll be going nearly a full three weeks without it! Don't worry though, they'll be other opportunities for me to access the internet and update you with what I'm up to. You may even here of the fabled Corpse Full of Bees Australian tour...

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