Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On top of the world

After a few fairly uneventful flights I'm back among the northern-hemispherians - oh, Polaris how I've missed thee. The main event being that I managed to spill a glass of orange juice down my trousers as I was setting off from Brisbane airport, so spent the rest of the trip with a vague orangey stain on my upper right leg. There were also a few issues with Qantas's inflight entertainment system, but these were resolved which allowed me to watch the last five minutes of Zodiac from where I'd previously been cut-off. There'll likely be some photos of my travels going online soon, so keep your peepers peeled.

My general impression of Australia was that it was a great place (even potentially liveable in), so I'm going to make efforts to go there again - now when's the next conference there...

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