Monday, April 30, 2007

Time for work

This week the University of Glasgow has given me the task of keeping track of what I do and how long I do it for. Fortunately this only relates to research and teaching, so I wont be having to give a detailed account of absolutely everything e.g. this week I spent xx.xx hours on the toilet, xx.xx hours brushing my teeth, xx.xx hours pissing around on the internet (in my own time of course), etc. This Time Allocation Survey is part of the fairly new idea (for this university at least) of Full Economic Costing, whereby the university calculates the budgetary footprint of each member of staff - in theory allowing them to more accurately manage their accounts. For example my footprint doesn't just cover my salary (which in fact is payed for by PPARC/[now]STFC), but includes office space, equipment, pension, etc, which the university has to cover. But I also do things for the university like teaching, outreach, and (hopefully) making the university look good by putting out good research. All this together is taken into account. This week I think I will mainly be doing research.

Anyway, I'm not sure is blogging comes under research or teaching...

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