Sunday, April 22, 2007

Down and out in Vicarage Road

It's finally happened. The inevitable has come to pass. With three games of the season to go Watford have become the first team to be relegated from the Premiership.

It's been fairly obvious through the season that we've not been of the same calibre as the majority of the teams in the top flight, but there've been a fair few games where we've shown plenty of spirit and fight (unfortunately goals are what they use as the arbiter of things in football matches - when will they learn!). In many games we just couldn't hold onto our lead, or clean sheet when the games were in the closing minutes. Ultimately our players weren't good enough despite our manager, Aidy Boothroyd's, always upbeat assessments of things.

What do we come away with from this season. Well the players will have gained some experience for when we go up again, but experience isn't always the best substitute for skill. Mainly we'll have come out of this season with lots of money. Aidy's been very frugal in his spending, and we made a job load of cash from selling Young to Aston Villa, so we're sitting on a whole wad of cash which should be of a lot of benefit in the Championship.

Hopefully next season, in our more natural surroundings of the Championship, they'll be a few more wins I can cheers on. Unfortunately I wont be able to watch any of them on TV. (It looks like Luton are going to League one, so they'll be no M1 derby next year.)


  1. But the mighty jags are safe. Surely they are your local team now?

  2. They have got the same colours as Watford, so I suppose I should show them my support. Maybe I'll head down Firhill next season and catch a game against Queen of the South or Hamilton.