Friday, April 13, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane... back next Wednesday

I'm now just under 7 and a half hours from leaving for my latest work related trip to Florida. I'm again flying Continental via Newark airport, but hopefully things will be a bit less stressful than last time! I've packed, gathered all my shit together (passport - check, tickets - not needed, cos it's all e-tickets these days!, US power adapter - check) and booked the taxi for early in the morning, so all's good.

I'll probably post from the APS meeting (which is what I'm going to be attending - this is no holiday ;-)) and will maybe even have some physics news from there! I might also be spending a large part of tomorrow night scouting out potential FA Cup football watching venues (apparently it's being shown on Setanta 2, so I just need to find a bar with a subscription - should be easy!) Anyway, I might attempt some sleep before my flight, so goodnight UK.

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