Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Reminder of the past

Tonight I watched my second live (via Sky Sports at a pub) Watford match of the season, and what a thorough disappointment it was. We lost 1-0 after a dull, and scrappy, scrappy game. In earlier games we'd been competitive, but generally missed out on results through misfortune or not putting away our best goal chances. Tonights game at home against Sheffield Utd showed that now our plucky but unfortunate guise doesn't seem to be the case - we're just shit. To be fair the whole game was shit, with barely a couple of minutes of what even the most generous of viewer could call football being played by either side. The majority of the match saw both sides mainly aimlessly hoofing the ball around the pitch. It wouldn't have been out of place from last season when both teams were in the Championship (in reality the standard was several divisions lower even than that). I hope that this match was a real anomaly, as from what I'd seen of us previously in this season I had some hope that we might make a decent hash of staying up. However we really must do a lot better, and home games against teams around us in the league table need to be won!

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