Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Expanding my memory

I decided today that I should have more storage space on my computer, so have bought a 250 Gb external hard disk from Amazon. On searching for one of these I almost had a Google based Freudian slip as I typed in "external hard dick", which I luckily caught before I hit enter for the search. Hopefully 250 Gb should see me well for a while and will definitely allow me to back up everything I currently have, with plenty of room to spare.

[Update - My hard disk arrived yesterday, and looks quite funky - it's shaped like a black hardback book. So far so good, with it working right from plugging it in, although I wouldn't have expected any problems from a brand new device. It has a lot of air vents to keep it cool, which is good as overheating seems to be a problem with some of these devices after extended use. It came with a FAT32 file system, which I will be keeping for when I want to use it with a Linux system, rather than re-formating as NTFS. It's currently housing some videos and some of my old presentations. Still has oddles of space to be filled though.]

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