Sunday, October 15, 2006

This is a test, I repeat this is a test

Just checking whether the script I just added, which should in theory allow Traceback works.

Update: Ok, that didn't seem to work! It could be that I've installed the script wrongly, or it may just not work under Blogger Beta yet, or it could be any multitude of other reasons. I'll try to find out which, but don't want to be spending too much time chasing down the problems

Update 2: I've tried installing the script again - this times after having actually followed some instructions and installing it via greasemonkey, rather than just inserting it into the pages html. Let's see if it works now!

Update 3: That didn't work, but having a look at the script I think it only currently works for the original blogger rather than Blogger Beta. I'll scout around for a new version.

Update 4: So there is a way to get traceback (or TrackBack as I've found it more regularly called) working for Blogger Beta. It requires you to post comments through Haloscan, which will also handle trackback and stuff. I did get a haloscan account, but as of the moment I think I'll wait and see whether this guy comes up with any script I can just install via greasemonkey.


  1. I only just today discovered what I needed to know to make a version of the TrackBack script for Blogger BETA. Keep your eyes on my blog -- it should be coming soon :)

  2. Cheers, I'll be eagerly awaiting it :)