Friday, October 06, 2006

Beta blogger

I've just switched to the new β version of blogger. It seems to be linked to having a google account in some way - I may be terribly out of date but do google own blogger now? It has funky new features, so you may see some changes to this site in the new future. For a start I can add labels for my posts like those people on livejournal have. I don't know whether this new version supports TraceBack yet though, but we shall see. Update: it would appear that it doesn't have TraceBack, so I may have to use the workaround suggested here.


  1. Anonymous11:47 pm

    "I've just switched to the new β version of blogger "
    So I see...all your previous posts are now hogging my friends page...daaaaaamn yooooooooou!

    " I may be terribly out of date but do google own blogger now?"
    In a word, yup. Apparently they're also trying to buy YouTube for some daft amount. And, they have a new codesearch thingummy.

  2. Sorry! I should probably also apologise to Ellie and Jen to.

    I thought the Beta verion might have some more funked up and stylish templates, but no Blogger still has the shittest selection of templates around - they really are dull. I'll think I'll be do a bit of hacking myself to make something more exciting than my current one.

  3. Matt,
    Blogger templates suck. In the 6 month that my blog is up, I've wanted to make some changes in my template or find a better one but didn't get to it. Thanks for the link to my blogger trackback post.

  4. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Its trivial to do just copy and paste from a free nice blogger template into the html part of your template settings page. Then you can edit those. Remember to republish of course. So ones can be found here
    or just google it.

    More annoylingly is that my old blogger blogs aint tied into my google account, yet. Still livejournal seems more user friendly.