Friday, October 13, 2006

One of them

Many of my friends have LiveJournal (LJ) accounts on which I occaisionally leave comments. To do this in a non-anonymous way, I got myself an OpenID which works as my online identity. LiveJournal is rather nice in that if you've got an OpenID then it lets you have your own profile as if you where an actual LJ user. This means I can now submit posts (including a little userpic, which I only just found out), be befriended, which lets people syndicate this here blog, and friend people, which lets me read people's blogs that are for friends only. This is all very nice of the good people at LJ I think. I'm going to stick to my blogger site for now though rather than switch over to the rather more user friendly (and generally nice looking) LJ, just because I'm too lazy to move (and am liking being slightly different than my mates with their LJs).

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