Friday, May 26, 2006

When will they ever learn...

Today I discovered that I have been given a lecture course to teach next year. I will be charged with filling the minds of first year undergraduates with knowledge of observational methods in astronomy - so telescopes and stuff basically. I think I'll be having to look through my old undergraduate notes - throughput anyone, how about some grazing incidence optics, or maybe a CCD or two - as these are all things I will be expected to talk about with confidence. I'm actually quite looking forward to it as it will be fun to actually learn this stuff for real, rather than the fake, take-it-in-for-a-few-minutes-before-the-exam-and-promptly-forget-it learning that I did as an undergrad. It will also be fun because I get to write Dr Pitkin on the black/white board at the start of the lecture. I am also going to practice my stern looks for those cheeky undergrads who sit up the back chatting away distracting the rest of the class - they know who they are!

On a more Mr T realated note (and as such it is a note which "pities the fool" and is afraid of flying) I got sent this link by a friend the other day - sage advice by the T there about respecting your mother. This was followed up by a link from Bob to the an entire 50 minutes of the T's lifestyle advice. If you've not seen Mr T with a pizza on his head before then I suggest you watch the first few minutes - it's a revelation.

Football news: Only two weeks till the world cup - hurray! The less said about England's defeat by Belarus last night though the better.

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