Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Do the robot

There was one unforgetable moment from the England v Hungary pre-World Cup friendly last night. It wasn't Sven's decision to give Gerrard more freedom playing in an open role behind Owen as a second strker. It wasn't Sven's decision to substitute on Hargreves instead of Carrick - why play Hargreves, why? It wasn't any of the precision balls that Beckham placed in the box - and damn(!?) him for playing so well as I do enjoy giving Beckham a good slagging. It wasn't even the very nice runs that Joe Cole made at the defenders. "What was it then?" you may ask. Well the one outstanding moment of the evening, in what was really a fairly average match (depsite the 3-1 scoreline) was Crouch's celebration after he scored. No one expected it, and after it happened people were left rather dumbfounded and confused, for Crouch didn't do a normal celebration slide or arm raise, or even the classic rock the baby (which had already been used for an earlier goal), he preceded to dig into his 80s dancing roots and perform the move which so many try but so few can pull off, and that is the robot! Yes, you heard it, the pasty white, gangly 6'7" Liverpool striker jerked his arms and upper torso around in the style of a pasty white, gangly 6'7" robot. I can picture it still, and what a picture it is.

I'll probably be posting a fair amount during the World Cup, so come back for more of my football related rambling. I may have some sort of rating of players celebrations, although they'll have to try bloody hard to top what we've just witnessed.

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