Thursday, May 18, 2006 other news

Right, I know it's been a while. Well not just a while - it's been fucking ages! But I had things to do. Lots of important things. Places to go, people to see, worlds to save - that sort if thing. You don't believe me, huh! Ok, ok so I've just been neglecting you, I'm sorry. I'm going to make ammends I promise. I'll give you more posts than you can shake a whole tree at - unless it's one of those giant sequoias, as that is a truely large stick.

Well some of my busyness wasn't all made up. I did have that PhD I'd been mentioning to finish up. And you'll be proud to hear that it did get finished. All bound like a proper book and everything. Ain't I good, or what. So that means I'm a Doctor - yeah you heared right - Dr Matthew Pitkin MSci PhD FRAS to give me my full on, stick that up your pipe and smoke it style, dues.

Also I entered the world of the grown ups by having an actual job. Ok so post-docs not a proper job like you might think of it, but it's a start. Plus they give me money. What do I do with all this money, you may ask. Well I've only gone and bought myself a flat - well 45% of a flat, but it's the nicer 45%!

That's the start of the updates. I might fill in some more of how the past approximately one year has gone in subsequent posts, although as no bugger actually reads this blog it would just be some bizarre self-indulgent internal crazyness on my part!

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