Saturday, November 01, 2008

Worst dressed

Last night saw one of my poorest efforts at a halloween costume. In the last few years I've put in the token effort of being a zombie/person who's been brutally attacked/someone with a case of mild radiation poisoning - this generally involved ripping up old clothes and adding fake blood and bruises. However this year, the halloween party I was going to involved a more specific theme than just your regular halloweenyness - it was a distopian future, sci-fi, cyber-noir party. Thinking up a costume required a bit more effort and couldn't really just involve ripping up some clothes. In the end I turned up to the party in what I'd been wearing for the rest of the day (see I said it was a poor, indeed non-existant, effort), but I did have some make-up. My one idea from earlier in the week had been to go as HAL 9000 (the computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey), so with my make up kit I went about trying to transform myself. I added a large red HAL-style eye to my forehead. I leave it to others to assess the effectiveness of this make-up and whether I convinced them that I was a psychotic computer, or whether I just looked like I had a very large spot on my face.


  1. "so with my make up kit "
    This - this - is the sentence that needs clarification, not the similarity between computer nutter (did you break into the robot dance?) and your good self....

  2. What!? You mean you don't have your own make-up kit! Then how do you apply your foundation, lipstick and mascara to make youself look beautiful?

    It was a set of halloween-style make-up set containing mainly red, black and white for general vampirification or zombification.

    No robot dancing was done, although I did have a system crash at one point... or was that just me falling asleep on the floor!?

  3. Ah yes. The old too much beer /// network breakdown problem. Nothing new there! Shame about the lack of robotics though; dropping into the robot is always good for a laugh, even if Peter Crouch did ruin it a bit in Germany 2006 (or rather the build up to it.)

    Make-up?! Those rosy lips and dusky eyes are all au naturelle my friend, au naturelle .... ummm, I think we may have crossed a line here; let's never cross it again ....