Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's in his kit (that's where it is)

A couple of weeks ago saw me get behind a proper drum kit for the first time since leaving my own, beloved, drum kit in Germany. A friend of mine from canoe club and his flatmates wanted to get together for a bit of a jam session and I agreed to step in for as the session drummer (well maybe I'm over-inflating my role!) It was very good fun to play with others again and they were rather more professional than me - they had their own songs and everything. I was also rather impressed by the drum kit itself - I don't want to badmouth my aforementioned German drum kit, but after playing a proper kit again I now realise how shit it (and the cymbals it came with) actually was. I'm not sure whether I'll be playing with this group again, but I would like to get back with a decent kit again.

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