Wednesday, November 05, 2008


After reading this CV post the other day I decided to get into the whole virtual world thing by signing up to Second Life. I have no idea what to use it for at the moment, but someday these kind of virtual worlds may become the normal way to access material and communicate online, so I may as well start now and get to grips with it. So far I've had a very quick walk, and fly, around the island you find yourself on when you sign up, but probably the most important thing I've done is making the jeans my avatar's wearing a little baggier. I have no idea how to use, or do, anything in the Second Life world yet, so I'll need to do a lot of exploring and testing. I won't give away my avatar's name (which is one think that you don't have complete freedom to chose) just yet as I'm not sure if I'll keep it, but when I'm comfortable with a name I'll let you know. Any other Second Lifers out there let me know.

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  1. You are playing sl? Oh. Dear. God. You after some yiffing then?

    I'd recommended listing to one of the gfw podcasts from earlier this year when one of their guys started to grief in second life: