Saturday, April 14, 2007

Radio free football

My first post from the APS meeting is being made whilst listening to the Watford - Man Utd FA Cup game (we're 1-0 down at the moment, boooo) on my laptop. I've spent much of this morning looking into ways of listening to UK radio stations while I'm using a US proxy address. I found this handy list of web proxy's through which I've been able to listen to certain BBC radio stations (I could here Trevor Nelson on Radio 1 fine) - although, very annoyingly, BBC Radio 5 live and BBC Three Counties, which are broadcasting the match, aren't connecting properly (maybe due to overload of listeners!). Instead I'm listening via the Man Utd website, which is broadcasting the Century FM commentary, and doesn't actually care where in the world my IP address is. I was going to try the Watford website, but it required payment. (GOAAALLLLLLLLLLL! - Bouazza just equalised, get in!) I did try and find somewhere (fuck, fuck, fuck - Man U just went back in front with a Ronaldo goal) to watch the game by going to the local Hooters (I've never been into a Hooters before - honest - but the outfits the girls wear are actually hideous). I asked the manager if they were able to show the game and he consulted a list of all sports being played, which did contain the match (result, I thought), but because it was Pay-per-view they weren't going to be showing it (damn).

Soon I should actually work out what sessions of this meeting I'm going to attend this afternoon.

[The dream is over, we've lost 4-1 :( So long Wembley!]

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