Sunday, April 08, 2007

Get your skates on

Last year I wrote about about my return to roller skating and how I'd try to keep it up. This didn't really happen and my skating venture was a rather one off affair. However, the recent good weather inspired adren-junk and me to grab our skates (although she does have blades!) and get out into the park for a bit of rolling around. The other day we gathered together a group of friends, a sk8er cru if you will, and set off to Kelvingrove Park. Some of the cru were dissing my skates and their hypercool hockey socks, but they're just not old skool enough!

As ever I was a bit tentative to start with, but the skates soon became like extensions of my feet - well not quite, but things did improve over the course of the afternoon. It was also fun to have other people there to skate with, despite there only being two pairs of skates between the group. This has also encouraged other people to buy some skates to (ellielabelle, nimoloth). Hopefully this will be incentive for me to keep the skating up this time round.

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