Monday, April 09, 2007

(Almost) gone, but not forgotten

I'd completely forgotten about the Premiership football fixtures today until I had a look at the BBC website just now. It seems that, after their dismal performance on Saturday, Watford have pulled off a win, beating Portsmouth 4-2. And we scored four goals in one match! It's pretty amazing considering up until today we'd only managed a grand total of 20 goals in 32 matches.

We've five matches to go before the end of the season and I think the only possible chance of top flight survival is if we win all of them - and even then it would probably be a very close run thing! However, this is probably about as likely as me winning the lottery jackpot 44 times in a row, being inundated with marriage proposals from the world's top supermodels, and finding that my next door neighbour is Elvis. A man can dream though! Which would I want more though,Watford to stay up or the rest... ;)

Our next focus is Saturday's match against Man Utd in the FA Cup semi-final. Winning this is just slightly more probable than us staying up. Unfortunately I'm going to be in Jacksonville, Florida at the time of the game. I'm not holding out much hope of finding somewhere to watch the game, but I'm definitely going to try.

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