Monday, January 11, 2010

New year email

Hello 2010.

My first (belated - as is standard now with this blog) blog post of the New Year comes via email. I just decided that I should set up the ability to email and text posts in to blogger, and this is my first test (other than my previous post from about a year ago via Posterous). My ability to text things in (via MMS rather than SMS, as that's not set for non-US numbers yet) appears to not be working successfully, which I've also found when trying to set up texting into my twitter account - this may be an O2 thing rather than blogger or twitter's fault, but it's a bit annoying.

[Update: Again, as with the posterous post, I've had to go in and edit this as the email didn't like maintaining the html I added. Booo.]

[Update 2: This small, and largely unanswered, thread seems to suggest that the mobile blogging will not work with O2. Booo again.]

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