Thursday, December 11, 2008

Second post...

...again by email (can you spot the theme).

I've have followed Iain in quickly setting up an account on posterous - where indeed this post can originally be found. This seems like a pretty cool site that you can, for example, submit posts by email, or text message (well if you're in the US you can, they haven't got it sorted for other countries yet), or post pretty much any other kind of online media in a very simple way. It can also automatically cross post anything on your other blogs/facebook/twitter/flikr/etc (and this post is also a kind of experiment to see if, and how quickly, the cross posting works). There's no real point in me having this new site as it'll probably just provide additional duplication of the shit I'd put online anyway - but it could provide useful for posting things on occasions when having blogger open in a browser would be frowned upon.

[Update: It worked very quickly, but the post had lots of carriage returns in it that I had to edit out manually]

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