Monday, May 26, 2008

Do you remember the first time

Just for the historical record I should note that last week I bought and ate my first ever donner kebab - well maybe it's not noteworthy, but I'm going to write about it anyway! I generally shun the donner in favour of a more healthy, from the look of it at least, shish kebab - shish's also consist of an identifiable meat. This is mainly to make me feel superior to the far more numerous donner eating hordes. However, I put my hands up, I have eaten donner meat in the past, but only small morsels picked off from other peoples kebabs/donner meat and chip combos (people I knew that is, not randoms or from discarded polystyrene trays off the street.) So it was about time that I lowered myself to the level of the ordinary man and got one for myself (plus it was late at night, I'd not eaten dinner and it was one of the cheapest things on the menu in the take-away.) I was reasonably impressed with my first donner. One of the main things to note about donner meat, other than its hideous appearance, is that it has very little taste. There's only the vague notion that it's some form of meat and the fact that it's lamb can barely be discerned. But, you see, the lack of taste really doesn't matter, because the whole point of a donner is to smother it in hot chilli sauce. So when I say I was reasonably impressed what I mean is that they did a good chilli sauce, supplemented well by some tasteless, greyish-brown, greasy slithers of meat, and some not-yet wilted salad. I'm not going to be adding donner's to my regular menu, and I'll probably more often stick to the shish kebab when I next visit a kebab shop, but I definitely won't be as disdainful of them as I've been in the past and, you never know, the feeling for one could grab me again in the future.

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