Thursday, January 10, 2008

6th Street blues

The hotel I'm staying at in Austin is right next to East 6th Street. This street is essentially full of bars and a live music haven and is pretty much the place to be. Now if I was here with my friends this street would be rife for the picking, but unfortunately I'm at this meeting on my own so have not been using the nightlife to its full potential (there're a few people here that I know and will hopefully be going out with them over the next couple of nights.) I could have tagged along for a night with a random group of astronomers, as there are plenty roaming around downtown Austin at the moment, but I'm generally not the sort of person who'll do that. Tonight I did venture out onto 6th street on my own, after a couple of pints with dinner (which was at a rather disappointing Mexican restaurant called Rio Grande, especially when compared to the excellent meal I had at the Moonshine Bar and Grill the night before), and managed to have a good night out. First I went to a bar called Friends where a band was playing that featured an apparent Austin guitar legend Gary Clark Jr.. They were playing covers (I think! - there were at least a couple that I recognised), but entirely in their own style, which involved lengthy rock-bluesy noodling, and I thought they were very good. I was mainly listening to the drumming and, as is now the case, just wanting to play myself. I then moved on to another bar called Darwin's Pub for a final drink (I was on my own so wasn't going to be doing a pub crawl.) In this pub I was tempted by the t-shirts that hung above bar, which I have seen in other bars before, but for the first time I actually decided to buy one. So people that know me will occasionally see me sporting my Darwin's Pub t-shirt and will hopefully be envious. It should go down well back in Scotland as it's main feature is a Lion Rampant.

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