Saturday, January 05, 2008

For US 2008 look elsewhere

My blogging plans for this year generally didn't involve keeping up with the whole US 2008 electioneering (what with all the caucuses/primaries and so forth), but if they had I think I'd probably have had to become a professional blogger - and also become someone with some actual insight/knowledge/personal experience into American politics. I may make the occasional (un)informed US election post, but if you're interested in some of the competition I would have had (if I'd taken up the professional-blogger mantle) then there's veteran political blogger Andrew Sullivan, who managed a massive 48 posts/links mainly on the Iowa caucuses today(!), and the slightly less prolific Justin Webb of the beeb (there'll be many more blogs devoted to it, but I'm sure you web savvy people can find them if you want.)

On a sombre note there is a rather poignant posthumous blog from a US soldier killed in Iraq yesterday posted here (via CV.) If you're opinion of the US military was that they're all a bunch of meatheads then I recommend you read it and I hope it'll help change your mind.

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