Sunday, January 14, 2007

Let's play DARTS!

This evening saw the riveting final of the BDO World Darts Championship between world number 1, Martin "Wolfie" Adams, and rank outsider and house husband, Phil "Nixy" Nixon (not quite as original a nickname there for Phil!) I missed the first half of the match and when I started to watch Wolfie was up 6 sets to nil, requiring only one more set to be crowned Champion of the WORLD. "That's it, the match is over." I, and everyone else, thought, but boy were we wrong. Set after set I watched the dynamic comeback of the man from County Durham (that would be Nixy). His comeback was partly because Adams fell apart on the doubles and missed several opportunities to clinch the match. However it was a really gutsy performance as Nixy managed to pull the game back to 6-6 with the crowd getting more and more behind him. In the final set Adams managed to get back on his game and won the three legs required to take the title - although his anxious wife had had to leave the venue as she couldn't watch. That's it from Lakeside for another year, but I look forward to seeing the likes of the Count, Wolfie, the King, Johnboy, the Viking (get well soon Andy) and of course Bobby George next year.

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