Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hammy's return

Top Gear returned to our screens this evening after a longer than normal break due to the injury of little Dicky Hammond. The show offered us its usual fair of fast cars and general piss-taking between the hosts. Most of the features in the show were filmed last year before the accident, and included them relaying a road in a day and driving around in a Jag. At the end of the programme we got shown footage of Hammond's crash. This involved him being essentially strapped onto a jet engine and then attempting to break the British land speed record. He actually made two attempts at this before the crash happened and we got to see him go through the fear and exhilaration of these two attempts. He even made, what would turn out to be, some rather prophetic statements. The final, and ultimately rather unfortunate, run was made because they had the airfield for another half hour. Despite the pretty extensive injuries he suffered Richard, thankfully, seems to be his usual self and was on top form in the show - all the best to him.

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