Saturday, June 17, 2006

That was the week that wasn't

The week that has just gone by has been rather vague and fuzzy - well it could have felt that it was a very coherent and lurid week, but when interpreted through my brain any such coherence would surely have disappeared. After way too much booze on Sunday I managed to pretty much forget who I was, where I was, what I did and which plane of existence I was supposed to exist in on the following Monday (hence this). Once I'd decided that I should settle into the usual three spatial and one time dimension which makes up our so called reality things started to improve. I then hit my brain with a very high concentration of saturated football, although I had already been building up dangerously high levels of football in my brain over the previous weekend. This excessively large dose built up to a maniacical fevour which culminated on Thursday with the England versus Trinidad and Tobago game. Whilst watching this game I managed to get wound up like one of those spirally bits of metal - ah yes a spring. There was much ooohhing and aaahhhing, and effing and blinding, and sitting on the edge of the seat - and consumption of lager tops (which as I will tell everybody is a refreshing yet manly drink and as such I should not be mocked for drinking it - see this article which backs up my argument). Then there was the release (no, not that kind of release) of the spring, when England, despite every effort not to win, won. Unfortunatley this didn't get rid of the football building up in my skull compressing my vital brain functions, as it made me then drag (well they were fairly willing, but it was my idea) people along to a fairly awful night at a club called the Viper. This led me to send out the following apolgetic email when I arrived home:

"To those who I convinced to go to the Viper tonight (aka last night) I can only profusely apologise. Yes, it was shit. And, yes, it was full of medics. I had thought that there would only be a few of said medics and otherwise it would be good for a dance and a drink. Well on all fronts I was very wrong - it was packed with medics and was neither good for dancing or drinking. Sorry and sorry again. Please ignore my suggestions in the future and give me a slap in the face if I try and do the same thing again.

Yours grovelingly,


The following morning (aka yesterday) we had a bunch of school kids coming round the physics department, who I had the joy of telling about the wonders of gravitational waves. I managed to do this fairly well in my opinion although their enthusiasm wasn't all that evident. We then showed them round our research group labs, which mainly consisted of many vacuum tanks, which aren't the most exciting pieces of kit you can show kids. I tried to stay bubbly and lively throughout the tour though, and hope this rubbed off on the young people (again, no, I didn't rub any part of myself against the kids - stop it with your wrong thoughts). Later my own enthusiam for my subject was put to a fair old test by the dreaded event that is the code review. This involves me talking through my code line-by-line over the phone to a few others, who then point out what I've done wrong. It is a hideuos event which no one can enjoy, but our collaboration insists we do. During this is when my brain finally imploded as I tried to splutter through an explanation one of the functions in my code. I started mainly saying random words hoping in vain that they would provide a decent explaination of what the function did, but this didn't work gnnnarrgh.

This brain fug continued long into the evening with no word that I said, or sentence I tried to construct, coming out of my mouth correctly. I then started giggling to myself at random words. "Half Sugar" should not be a phraise to provoke that much hilarity, yet that it did. I also had a cash machine giving me strange looks - it wanted to fight me it did - or at least that's what I thought last night, but now I reckon it wasn't trying to start a fight at all.

I think sleep last night has had some calming effects and some of the football has oozed out my ears and nose to releive some of the pressure. However, I've already watch one match today with two more to go, so I think the levels may build up again.

Beard news - it's still there and growing. I will make it to the end of the month, I will.

Band news - we have our first proper practice on Monday. Need to get learning my drum parts.

ps in a lot of the above post I have talked about build up of football, in reality read that as football, booze and lack of sleep (but no pyschotropic drugs).

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