Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Itchy chin

My beard attempt has reached a rather itchy stage. If I think about it too much then the itching gets worse, and the temptation to shave stronger. I'll need to stop stroking my chin when in deep contemplation as this reminds me of it's irritatng hairy bits.

I've just finished watching the Brazil versus Croatia game. Are Brazil the most over hyped team other than England? Well on this performance yes is the answer. They didn't show much at all, although Ronaldinho still did alway look rather scarily good when he was on the ball. Kaka's goal at the end of the first half was a very good strike, actually similar to a few others we've seen in the World Cup so far, but that was about it from them attack-wise. During the second half Croatia seemed to be doing all the going forward and had several rather good moves, but kept striking the ball at the keeper when they had opportunities on goal. The prize for fattest, laziest person on the pitch went hands down to Ronaldo. He couldn't be arsed moving at all, even coming onto the pitch for the second half seemed to take hours for him. His fastest movement was going off the pitch when substituted. Brazil may have been holding back, but unless Ronaldihno does something really special I don't know where the extra things will come from - that said they've got the 3 points they needed and that's what counts in the group stage. Anyway, you maybe can't read too much into the first game as I hope is the case for England.

In a rather boring game (maybe the most dull I've seen of the tournament so far) the French showed absolutely nothing when playing the Swiss. They're not a patch on the team from say 6-8 years ago. I'm just hearing Henry give an interview and he's giving the whole "it was rather hot" excuse. Henry didn't really seem to get let into the game with passes not being played into him well, and the Swiss always kept a lot of men back. There's nothing else really to say about the match as bugger all happened. Boff, *shrugs*

After some rather negative comments there I'd just like to say my favourite team of the tournament so far. It's been the Czech Republic in their game against the USA. The play of Rosicky and Nedved was excellent, and I'm really looking forward to their next game. Also showing very good form was Robben for Holland. Everyone has also been saying that the Argentinians looked very good on the game against the Ivory Coast - I was watching the game but wasn't paying it as much attention as I should have from the subsequent reports.

Still it's been a good tournament so far and I'm looking forwards to a lot more from it. I have to say it - Come on England!

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