Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Here come the first footer

Last night I partook in the Hogmanay tradition of first footing. Despite my many years in Scotland I'd not heard of this particular tradition before, but it essentially involves going round to a neighbour's house and being the first foot of the new year through their door. It's also supposed to be a lucky if that person is a tall, dark and handsome man - naturally I was perfect for the job. Armed with a bit of coal (also apparently traditional), and some booze, a small group of us headed out to the streets of Glasgow to welcome in the new year and get our feet across new thresholds. This venture proved to be a great success and we were welcomed into a house (myself leading the way of course) and given food and drink. Next year we might have to up our ambitions (and the amount of coal we carry) and go for a double or triple first footer. Happy new year everyone!

On a slightly different note (courtesy of Dave) how's about The Intermission for an idea.

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