Sunday, May 27, 2007

The road to Brighton pier

Tomorrow is a bank holiday Monday and at the suggestion of my sister we're going on a trip to the seaside. I think that the original suggestion was that we go to the seaside if "the weather's good", but we're now going despite that fact that the forecast for the south-east of England today and tomorrow is for it to be pissing down freezing cold rain (and that forecast has definitely proved to be right today!) The bit of seaside that we're going to is Brighton where our main activity may end up having to be sitting around in a pub watching the rain (I can live with that). There are other indoor activities for us to do such as visit the many amusement arcades. Eight player Sega Rally or Daytona is pretty ace, and many hours can be whiled away on the 2p machines. There's a decent group of us going so it should be fun whatever.

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