Monday, February 12, 2007

One to watch

After a bit of pushing from my flatmate I've started watching the new (well newish as it started last September) NBC sci-fi show Heroes. I'm three episodes in and I'm hooked - this adds to the list of House, 24, Lost and of course BSG that I (or my flatmate) have to download each week. The basic premise of the programme is that there are a disparate group of people who have special powers, because they're the next step in human evolution! They're only just beginning to know about these powers, or start to feel that there's something special about themselves, and they're each coming to terms with it in different ways. This is all building up to some climactic event (which is pretty much spelled out early on in the series) during which I expect all the protagonists will be forced together and the full extent of there powers revealed. It's kind of a mix of the X-men (maybe a rather large part of the mix) and Darwin's Radio by Greg Bear. As I said I've been sucked in now, so will be eagerly anticipating each new episode.


  1. If you are looking for something else to watch, I'd highly recommend Jericho. Found it to be a lot better than Heroes, though less good than Lost.

  2. Yes Gary, but does it have a hot cheerleader?

  3. I think that the three month mid-season break in Lost has dulled my appetite for it a bit - I was just a bit bored by last weeks new episode.

    Yeah, what's the hot cheerleader quota in Jericho?