Saturday, August 16, 2008

One week in

I managed to miss the fact that the Championship season started last week, so only today did I find out the result of Watford's first game - a surely thrilling 0-0 draw against Crystal Palace. This started us off in 15th position on the table, which will hopefully be the lowest we get this season. Today sees us up against Charlton, who recently acquired former Watford winger Bouazza on loan from Fulham.

[Update: We beat Charlton 1-0 to take us to 9th in the table.]

The league that does start today is the Premier League, which also means the return of my favourite Saturday midday and Sunday night TV pleasures of Football Focus and MOTD2. I'll just have to see if I can watch these on iPlayer until I return from Germany as I need to get my fix of Chiles, Lawro, Dixon, Peacock, et al and hear their words of wisdom (although I think Chiles may be in Beijing for the Olympic coverage, so I might have to wait a bit for to hear his cheerful Brummie voice). I'll also need to check out any local Hannoverian pubs that show Premier League games, although I'm fairly sure that one of the Irish pubs in town will do.

Still on a football note I saw the start of the Bundesliga last night. The opening match was FC Bayern Munich vs Hamburger SV. This featured two former Tottenham favourites in the form of the teams managers - Jürgen Klinsmann for Bayern and Martin Jol for Hamburg. It seemed to be quite a lively game in the first half and finished with a 2-2 draw. The strangest thing about the whole thing though was that the opening ceremony featured a performance from former Britain's Got Talent winner Paul "not Pol Pot" Potts! Very bizarre!


  1. I hope you are being sarcastic as motd is shite. The bbc is all Olympics the now anyway.

  2. I'm not talking about plain MOTD, I'm talking MOTD2 which is far superior.