Monday, March 17, 2008

Travelling light

I'm currently in Pasadena (part of the urban sprawl that is Los Angeles) at Caltech attending the LSC-Virgo meeting (one of our fairly regular collaboration meetings.) Unfortunately the majority of my clothes are not also attending the meeting. I arrived here last Thursday (13th March) evening, but my baggage apparently didn't get the same flight as me and has so far failed to arrive. Due to increasing feelings of skankyness from wearing the same clothes for several days I yesterday did a bit of a clothes shop, but have the feeling I'll be having to add to my new wardrobe in the next couple of days.

Complaining about my lack of luggage aside I have to say that I've been really impressed by Pasadena and the Caltech campus. It's really, really nice. And I definitely can't complain about the weather!


  1. How expensive are a few white tshirts and a pair of jeans? Especially in the states for your British pounds. Or has your wardrobe dramatically changed since the last time I saw you?

  2. My wardrobe still pretty much consists of plain t-shirts and jeans, so it's fairly easy to go out and get more of these.