Wednesday, February 06, 2008


For pancake day this year I thought I'd prepare early. I made my batter the night before (from this generic recipe) as I'd heard that leaving batter to rest in the fridge for a day was good. This year my batter also had another advantage over previous year's attempts as I now have scales and a measuring jug to precisely weigh out the ingredients, rather than my normal method of mixing the various things together until it gives about the right consistency - although to be fair to myself that method has generally worked. The batter isn't the most exciting thing in itself though, it's what you do with it. This year I went for a couple of savoury pancakes to start with - amazingly my first pancake in the frying pan didn't stick, which is a major turn up for the books. These were filled with spinach, grated mature cheddar, bacon and tomato. Unsurprisingly these were rather filling, but I pressed on with some sweet pancakes. The first of these was filled with strawberry and mascarpone with a light sprinkling of sugar, the second was a classic lemon juice and sugar effort, and the final one contained banana and real maple syrup. I enjoyed all the pancakes, but in all honesty I have to say, despite my efforts to be different, the best one was the lemon and sugar one. It's nice and simple, and that really nice citrus tang and sugary combination just means pancake day in my mind.

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