Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The day of no internet

Today was a long, hard and tedious day. I had to read things off flattened, dried wood pulp and write things using ink rolled from the tip of a thin tube onto said wood pulp. Why was I forced into such backwards, primitive, stoneage style, actions? Because, I'm afraid, my computer at work was slightly buggered. Well, my computer itself was fine, but the server which held our home directories had been upgraded, and unfortunately was having some teething problems, which in general meant I couldn't log into my account and use the thing. This meant I spent a day with no access to the lovely, lovely joys of the internet. Do you know how that feels!? If I'd chosen to take a day offline it wouldn't have been so bad. It would have been a self appointed abstination, which would have left me feeling good about myself. This unwanted internet break, however, left me feeling angry and out of touch with the ebb and flow of the world around me. How does one know what's going on without access to the BBC news I ask you!? Do you know what I was reduced to during this enforced web disconnect? I actually had to try and do some non-computery work! I read some papers which had been sitting on my desk for weeks. I went through some notes I'd been meaning to go over in detail. I tried to finally fathom out the whole covariance matrix/derivatives of the log likelihood thing! It was horrifying I tell you.

Anyway, things are back to normal now. Our sys admin has sorted things and I now have a home directory to call my own. Hoorah! Tomorrow I be able to do it, but today I even missed looking through the arxiv preprints this morning - how sad!

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